Toolkit for Life

You guys I’m launching a Podcast!!

I’ve been wanting to do this since Felicity. In case you’ve never heard of Felicity, it was a 90s tv show based in NY way before social media. She was an average girl conflicted by life and would tape record her thoughts and send them to a friend.

My idea behind this podcast is to learn and teach simple and effective tools to deal with life. Things we should have been taught in school from subjects like Self-love, anxiety, building trust, finding our purpose, living in abundance, sleeping through the night…… Things that come up in our daily life that literally change how we live.

I will be talking and interviewing game changers, opinion leaders, and unique souls. To help you build your own toolkit of inspiration motivation and exercises you can do every day.

My goal is that we inspire each other to live in awareness, surrender, and love.

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